Server Patched!

Server Patch 7/30/2010

  1. Campaign quest item can’t be removed till quest is finished.
  2. Stigma fix.
  3. Small fix for Deputy Lamipedon.
  4. Renaming stuff.
  5. Boost heal fix. Will still display 0 when no boost_heal bonus (as it should), but passive boost heal skills will be working fine.

Server Patched!

Server Patch 7/29/2010

  1. Drop reduction exploit fix.
  2. Stigma quests fix.
  3. Fear fix.
  4. Advanced Stigma restriction, and more exploit fixes.
  5. New Reshanta quests!
  6. [QUESTS] 2 more cut scenes.
  7. DP Work.

Server Patched!

Server Patch 7/25/2010

  1. Expand inventory, WH, Advenced stigma slot support.

Server Patched!

Server Patch 7/24/2010

  1. Npc social support.
  2. Huge quests update. More than 40 quests fixed!

Server Patched!

Server Patch 7/23/2010

  1. Enchant, Extract item exploit fix…
  2. Transform exploit fix…
  3. Quests 3075 and 3099.
  4. Now allow use up to 6 quest vars.
  5. Deadlock Fix.

Server Patched!

Server Patch 7/22/2010

  1. Now mobs will not aggro if the mobs level is less than 10 level’s lower of the player.
  2. 1.9 Legion Emblems support.
  3. HP / MP % rates are now like Retail.

Server Patched!

Server Patch 7/20/2010

  1. Looting: The blue cloud is only visible for people who have loot rights.
    – After someone checked the loot list everyone gets loot rights.
    – If the loot list is empty you will still be able to see the list.
    – Rewritten the round robin loot.
    – When a group gets created the basic settings are Round robin and roll for superior or higher.
  2. Trap update getLevel to match creator’s level.
  3. All poeta quests checked and fixed.

New Launcher Available!

A new Aion HD Launcher is available!.

You can download it here!

If you are having issues with the new launcher, try this Launcher.

Aion HD - Launcher

Update Notes:

  1. Added support for older operating systems.
  2. Server Status updates. (Improved check system).
  3. Support for client &
  4. Added future GUI features…….coming soon.
  5. Drop batch start for improved compatibility.
  6. Improved stability and performance.

Server Patched!

Server Patch 7/19/2010

  2. Shutdown Hook small mod for interval > 1 second.
    – Added attack status for flight rings. (From retail)
    – Updated Jail Timer to prevent reset on relog.
  3. Fix for bid/roll bug where the looter used auto-loot and the wrong item was displayed.
  4. Initial support for group roll/bid system.
  5. Bug squashed — Item set bonus no longer can be applied from secondary weapon set.
  6. Support for //ban //unban //banip //unbanip //gag //ungag.
  7. Added Octaku’s Breastplate to Queen Octaku.
    – Added Drop quest starter.
  8. Minor change to fix a major trade bug.

Server Patched!

Server Patch 7/18/2010

  1. Duration – randomTime implemented for root and hide. (Need to update parser for other effects.).
  2. 1 more Quest Fix.
  3. Quests Fixes.
  4. Fix for previous commit.
  5. Add/Fix quests 1170 1197 3967 3968 3969 3965 3966.