Here you can find answers to common problems with Aion – HD

Q. When I start my Aion client, it crashes telling me that “Aion has encountered an error and needs to close”.

A. This can be either video drivers are outdated or you do not have the correct DirectX 9.0c Runtimes, they can be found here.

Q. When I start the Aion client it tells me, “Failed to initialize properly”.?

A. You are most likey running the wrong client version or you have not patched the client properly. See Client Configuration

Q. When I try to enter the server it tells me, “Unable to connect to server”.?

A. Make sure you have unblocked Aion from the Windows Firewall, or just disable the firewall.

Q. I can log in, but some textures do not appear correctly.

A. Update your video drivers and download the correct DirectX runtimes.

Q. When I try to log in, it does nothing and finally closes.

A. You will need to patch the client before running Aion – HD.